The Mighty SE&L Award: February

The Mighty SE&L award, a collaborative effort by the Student Activities Board and the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership, highlights the accomplishments of students who are making a positive impact on the Campus Life experience through student involvement opportunities. Students are nominated through a submission form and then voted on by the Student Activities Board, who select one recipient to receive the award, while … Continue reading The Mighty SE&L Award: February

Remembering Dr. Sol Neely

Honoring the work and legacy of Dr. Sol Neely.  Haa náḵ woogoot áwé haa x̱ooní. Toow latseen haa jeet aawatée. Du shát ḵa du séek’, has du daat yoo tutuli.átk. He walked away from us, our friend. He gave us courage. We are thinking about his wife and daughter. The University of Alaska Southeast honors the life, work, and legacy of Dr. Sol Neely, who … Continue reading Remembering Dr. Sol Neely

Making Connections at Egan Library

Students are back on campus and with them comes great energy and so many opportunities to build new relationships and make new connections. Last month, I made a wonderful connection that I want to share. As a librarian, it’s my goal to build relevant collections that reflect the interests of students and support academic programs at UAS. Occasionally I get to witness moments in which … Continue reading Making Connections at Egan Library

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Building community

NRSC welcomes all students to a safe and open space BY KHRYSTL BROUILLETTE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Dude, what’s that delicious smell? A common question heard amongst students walking in the first floor of the Mourant Building on Friday, August 31. More than likely, that smell was radiating from the fresh fry bread the Native and Rural Student Center. Choosing to follow your nose could … Continue reading Building community

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Tossing dough and paying tuition

Local restaurant’s college tuition program offers students a way to pay for college By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Signing off on upwards of $16,000 plus interest can be pretty scary at 18 years old, but tossing dough could cover the cost of tuition. Bullwinkle’s Pizza a locally owned Juneau restaurant offers its employees the opportunity to participate in a scholarship program on top … Continue reading Tossing dough and paying tuition

Campus Inclusivity Alliance struts their stuff

UAS students walk the runway at the annual Wearable Arts show showcasing talent and hard work By ERIN LAUGHLIN Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong While most students were hanging out or doing homework Isadore Christenson and Gabby Kirchner were strutting their stuff on the catwalk Feb. 17 and 18 evening. The pair were participating in the annual Wearable Arts show representing their club the Campus Inclusivity … Continue reading Campus Inclusivity Alliance struts their stuff

The new kids on the block

New Conservative Club at UAS looks to have free exchange of ideas, and encourages diversity By BROOKE KELLER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong University of Alaska Conservative Club (UACC) is a new student organization at UAS. The club intends to initiate political discourse at UAS campus, encourage political diversity, and challenge certain stigmas Conservatives generally believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional … Continue reading The new kids on the block

The curious case of the campus haikus

Students, faculty, and staff no longer have to wonder who has been behind the chalk haikus on campus By Jordan Lewis Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong While walking around campus last week, students may have noticed some chalk poems scattered about. While some probably didn’t give the poems much thought, for many the chalked words were a delightful mystery. Even with the recent snowfall, some of … Continue reading The curious case of the campus haikus

Combatting seasonal depression

As the dark days of winter encroach upon UAS make sure to be aware of S.A.D. signs and symptoms By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Today the sun came up at 7:31 a.m. and will go down at 3:50 p.m. Tomorrow the day will be shorter by four minutes and will continue until the winter solstice, on Dec. 21. As the days start getting … Continue reading Combatting seasonal depression

Funding student research

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URECA) is looking to fund UAS students for 2018 By KELLY JENSEN for the UAS Whalesong Do you have a research or creative project that you would like to undertake? The Research and Creative Activity Committee has funding of up to $2500 per student to help you design and complete your project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Since … Continue reading Funding student research