Would you like to go on exchange?

Where would you’d like to study? What about Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii, and Ghana? Through UAS academic exchange programs, students can travel the world and study wherever they choose.  According to Miranda Barril, UAS Exchange and Study Away Coordinator, students who are interested in an academic exchange or study abroad program have two options. The first option is the International Student Exchange Program. It … Continue reading Would you like to go on exchange?

On exchange at UAS

Whalesong staff writer shares her experience and other exchange students’ experiences in Juneau By GABRIELLE ABREU Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Back in January I switched out my Timberlands for a pair of octopus “Xtratuffs’” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the course of the past four months nine other students and I have been lucky to find a home away from home … Continue reading On exchange at UAS

Study Away: Monterey Bay, California

Alexandria Waldschimidt explores California’s coast during National Student Exchange. BY ALEXANDRIA WALDSCHMIDT for the UAS Whalesong During last spring semester I was able to travel around California, be a part of a larger student body, and all while, worked on my UAS degree. I did that by participating in one of UAS’s academic exchange programs – the National Student Exchange (NSE) and spent the semester … Continue reading Study Away: Monterey Bay, California