The Official Student Newspaper of the University of Alaska Southeast


Whalesong is the monthly newspaper for the University of Alaska Southeast. We produce seven print issues, three in fall and four in spring, for distribution throughout the Juneau campus and within the community. Whalesong serves as a platform for student and community voices and is dedicated to honest and ethical journalism. 

Our vision is to inspire our Southeast Alaska community to become informed and take action through factual and timely reporting.

If you are a current student at UAS and you are interested in publishing your written work, are interested in work in journalism or marketing, or if you would like some help advertising for an event, we highly encourage you to contact us!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the newspaper. The Whalesong wouldn’t be possible without your support!

Contact the Whalesong at uas.whalesong@alaska.edu or call our office at 907-796-6434


Pictured: 2022 Whalesong Staff

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