Wildlife Corner

Great in color, great in black and white, and good to have around, these feathered friends are often mistaken for each other. Crows and ravens are members of the corvid family, a diverse group of birds with 133 species worldwide. Most corvids are medium-sized birds that molt once a year but show remarkable intelligence for their size. Many people regard corvids as the most intelligent … Continue reading Wildlife Corner

Wildlife Corner: Whistle Pigs in the Hills

If you’re a frequent visitor to the alpine meadows of Juneau’s mountaintops, you’ve likely heard a shrill whistle from the rocks around you.  Closer inspection will often reveal a furry face looking back at you, as the hoary marmot is warning their friends of your presence. Marmots are rodents and the largest members of the squirrel family. They’re vegetarians who forage on alpine plants to … Continue reading Wildlife Corner: Whistle Pigs in the Hills

Wildlife Corner: Be Bear Aware!

In recent weeks, there has been considerable black bear activity on the Juneau campus to include numerous close proximity sightings on the walking paths, vehicle damage, and even an incident where a bear entered an occupied upper housing unit. Fortunately, in each case no one was injured, but it is a good reminder that we need to be bear aware and follow safety measures, such … Continue reading Wildlife Corner: Be Bear Aware!

Wildlife Corner: All about goats

By Mike Flunker, Editor-in-Chief What is that up there on the cliff? A rock? A patch of snow? Or is it North America’s only wild goat? Mountain goats might look like your average farm goat, but they’re actually more closely related to the native wild goats of Asia instead of domestic goat families. Limited fossil evidence shows that mountain goats arrived in North America nearly … Continue reading Wildlife Corner: All about goats

Wildlife Corner: Whale Tales

By Mike Flunker, Editor-in-Chief Have you ever seen a whale down by the bay? You’ll usually hear them before you see them. Listen for the deep exhale that accompanies a surfacing whale. Humpback whales are a charismatic species with populations all over the globe. In Southeast Alaska, these whales return every summer to feed in the nutrient-rich waters of the North Pacific, bringing their calves … Continue reading Wildlife Corner: Whale Tales

Wildlife Corner: Our prickly friends in the trees

By Mike Flunker, Editor-in-Chief If you’re like me and you leave your tools outside, you may receive an unwanted visitor looking for the salts from the sweat that has soaked into the wooden handles. While coming outside to find a porcupine eating your shovel can be frustrating, I assure you that these prickly friends are important to our ecosystem. With a steady diet of bark, … Continue reading Wildlife Corner: Our prickly friends in the trees

Wildlife Corner : Baby on Board

By Mike Flunker, Editor-in-Chief With a lot of chatter, some of our resident bald eagles are hard at work along Statter Harbor. If you’re down at the Anderson Building, look out to the right as you enter the building. You’ll see a pair of eagles currently nest building, or maybe even brooding an egg by the time of reading.  Bald eagles are found all across … Continue reading Wildlife Corner : Baby on Board