Recipe: Omurice

BY KAYLYN HASLUND For the UAS Whalesong Food is hard to make. Well, not really. But it’s hard to make if you don’t have any experience or drive – even more so when you’re not entirely sure what you want. But sometimes the food you make yourself is just the best. I know, because I…

Recipe: Cowboy Grub

BY ALEXA CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong Here at the UAS Whalesong, when you see an article and it says “recipe” at the top, have no fear. This is not a Mom Blog, where I talk for pages and pages about fond memories of sitting on my grandmother’s wraparound porch in the South with a…


BY ALEXA CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong The first time I tried a chai latte, I was skeptical. I don’t much care for the flavor of tea by itself, and I was confused by the concept – was it just tea and milk? Was it a chai-flavored latte? Still, it was cold outside, and I’d…

The Grind

For me, I’ve decided that there are 3 basic types of coffee. There’s morning coffee – the most important kind, and the one that most people partake of most frequently. Then there’s afternoon coffee, which is either your desperate attempt to stay awake in your 2-hour evening class or just you and your friends getting coffee at Spike’s or an equivalent café location (also known as “social coffee”). Finally, there’s nighttime coffee, also known as “deadline coffee.”

Easy Recipes Make for an Easy Life

Food is essential for our survival – well prepared and tasty food is essential for our morale. So with this issue of the Whalesong, I’d like to share with you a recipe that is particularly easy to prepare and will make your taste buds melt with pleasure.