Wildlife Corner

Great in color, great in black and white, and good to have around, these feathered friends are often mistaken for each other. Crows and ravens are members of the corvid family, a diverse group of birds with 133 species worldwide. Most corvids are medium-sized birds that molt once a year but show remarkable intelligence for their size. Many people regard corvids as the most intelligent … Continue reading Wildlife Corner

Would you like to go on exchange?

Where would you’d like to study? What about Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii, and Ghana? Through UAS academic exchange programs, students can travel the world and study wherever they choose.  According to Miranda Barril, UAS Exchange and Study Away Coordinator, students who are interested in an academic exchange or study abroad program have two options. The first option is the International Student Exchange Program. It … Continue reading Would you like to go on exchange?

The Mighty SE&L Award: February

The Mighty SE&L award, a collaborative effort by the Student Activities Board and the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership, highlights the accomplishments of students who are making a positive impact on the Campus Life experience through student involvement opportunities. Students are nominated through a submission form and then voted on by the Student Activities Board, who select one recipient to receive the award, while … Continue reading The Mighty SE&L Award: February

Campus Spotlight- Service Dog Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most famous figures on the UAS Juneau Campus (second only to Spike the Whale) is Mavis, a 9-year-old cardiac alert service and emotional-support dog who often accompanies owner Grace Igel to class and work at Spike’s Cafe. Prior to her service-dog career, Mavis was an AKC show dog, and the mother of a litter of puppies. When she’s not on the job, … Continue reading Campus Spotlight- Service Dog Do’s and Don’ts

Submit to Summit!

Summit: The UAS Writing Center’s Collection of Exceptional Academic Works is an undergraduate journal that showcases UAS undergraduates’ academic writing. The submission period will run from December 1st, 2022, to February 1st, 2023. All submissions will be considered for UAS’s Ernestine Hayes Award for Excellence in Essay Writing, which awards $250 to the student submission that exhibits the strongest academic work. Summit was founded on … Continue reading Submit to Summit!

Counseling Corner: Getting good sleep

We are in the last few weeks of the semester and I have talked with a lot of students who are trying to wrap up the course assignments and prepare for winter break. This can be an extremely stressful time, but there are ways to work with these situations rather than feel like they are working against you. Acute stress, such as taking an exam, … Continue reading Counseling Corner: Getting good sleep

Tidal Echoes elevates LGBTQ2S+ voices in 19th edition

JUNEAU, Alaska—Featured Writer Lin Davis and Featured Artist Chloey Klawk Shaa Cavanaugh are bringing some “unapologetically queer” content to the 19th edition of “Tidal Echoes.” “Tidal Echoes” is Southeast Alaska’s literary and arts journal, publishing poetry, prose, and artwork from around the region. A quarter of the entries in “Tidal Echoes” are reserved for UAS students. The journal is closing submissions Thursday, December 1, 2022, … Continue reading Tidal Echoes elevates LGBTQ2S+ voices in 19th edition

UAS Tidal Echoes submissions close December 1st

As the submission deadline for Tidal Echoes nears, it’s still not too late to submit! Tidal Echoes Fall Editor Olive Brend has been busy advertising and collecting submissions for UAS’s own art and literary journal. Representing communities from across Southeast Alaska, Tidal Echoes has become a “picture of what 2022 was like” according to Brend, with submissions from communities like Wrangell, Sitka, and many others … Continue reading UAS Tidal Echoes submissions close December 1st

UAS Traditional Games Club prepares for Kick-Off

University of Alaska Southeast students practice Traditional Games to prepare for the Kick-Off Event on Nov. 19.  “Traditional Native Games were games that were to keep our hunters in the upper northern areas of Alaska fit and in shape,” said Kyle Abbott, President of the Traditional Games Club and an 18-year-old UAS freshman.  According to Abbott, the games would train hunters how to respond in … Continue reading UAS Traditional Games Club prepares for Kick-Off

Valdez was Nuts: Overcoming Fear and Fast Water

When I think back on the conference trip to Valdez with 10 other outdoor enthusiasts from UAS, the moment that stood out to me was white water rafting. I had never been on a river raft before, and we were all dressed up and ready, me in my men’s large drysuit, to take on the class 3+ rapids.  I was slightly terrified. I crave adventure … Continue reading Valdez was Nuts: Overcoming Fear and Fast Water