The Mighty SE&L Award: February

The Mighty SE&L award, a collaborative effort by the Student Activities Board and the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership, highlights the accomplishments of students who are making a positive impact on the Campus Life experience through student involvement opportunities.

Students are nominated through a submission form and then voted on by the Student Activities Board, who select one recipient to receive the award, while highlighting all three students who have made a positive impact on the Campus Life experience.

This month’s mighty SE&L goes to Debi Karlik! Debi is a 3rd year English Major from Ketchikan, Alaska. She chose UAS because of its proximity to home, and her biggest fans would use the words sociable, intelligent, and calm to describe her. Jacob Durrance, Residence Life Coordinator for UAS Housing, said Debi brings a great energy to the housing community. 

“She’s always happy to see everybody,” he said.

Debi has been involved in several campus clubs, events, and volunteer work. She along with others helped decorate JPH for the winter season before winter break. She is also a frequent visitor to the Writing Center and a member of Gaming Club. 

“She’s been our best customer for our new creative writing hours, she’s been to nearly every one. Her stick-to-it-ness is inspiring to me to work on my own creative writing,” said Jessy Goodman, Writing Specialist at the UAS Writing Center. 

Debi is known for her positive energy around campus and her encouragement to others to get involved. 

“It’s scary, I know. But the most important thing is to try,” she said about getting involved on campus. 

After college, Debi hopes to work at a public library or bookstore. She is proud of being a UAS student and being nominated for the Mighty SE&L award. Her presence on campus is noticed and appreciated by many.

“As Debi’s RA, I can say that Debi is an amazing resident to have in JPH. She is smart, kind to everyone that she meets, and never fails to stand up for what she believes in. Debi has come out of her shell these past few months and has made herself a known presence on campus. I am extremely happy that we have someone like Debi on our campus,” said Payten Stroud, Resident Advisor. 

Congratulations Debi Karlik for being the first Mighty SE&L!

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