Wildlife Corner: Be Bear Aware!

In recent weeks, there has been considerable black bear activity on the Juneau campus to include numerous close proximity sightings on the walking paths, vehicle damage, and even an incident where a bear entered an occupied upper housing unit. Fortunately, in each case no one was injured, but it is a good reminder that we need to be bear aware and follow safety measures, such as:

Be observant by taking a moment to look and listen for any possible bear activity in the area.

Keep open food sources to a minimum and quickly discard any remaining remnants and wrappers in proper bins or containers located throughout campus.

Walk with friends or classmates as often as you can for additional protection.

Install the UAS Guardian Rave app for campus community alert notifications and warnings.

Notify university staff if you see a bear in the area. If it is an aggressive bear, get to a safe area first and then call 911.

Bears in Juneau are almost always black bears. If you are attacked or charged by a black bear, FIGHT BACK WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! Do not play dead. Direct punches and kicks at the bear’s face, and use any weapon like rocks, branches, or bear spray to defend yourself (Source:https://www.nps.gov/articles/bearattacks.htm).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any safety mat- ter, please reach out to Ryan Sand, UAS Emergency Management Planner, rgsand@alaska.edu or 907-796-6015

By Ryan Sand, UAS Emergency Management Planner

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