Continuing the Tradition: Folkfest 2017

BY ADELLE LaBRECQUE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Downtown Juneau celebrates another year of live folk music at the 43rd Annual Alaska Folk Festival, with this year’s special guest, The Murphy Beds, a duo out of New York City. The first Folk Fest began in 1975 when a handful of musicians gathered together to play at…

Promoting Food Security in Southeast Alaska

BY ERIN LAUGHLIN Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Walking through a grocery store’s produce section and finding it empty because the barge is late is a social norm those in the lower 48 do not experience, and a glaring depiction of the last frontier’s food insecurity. The UAS Masters of Public Administration Program (MPA) and Sustainability…

A Time to Remember: Bloody April

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff  Writer, UAS Whalesong The British Royal Flying Corps (RFC) experienced a clash of old ideals against new realities in the catastrophic fourth month of 1917. Known as “Bloody April”, poor orders and superior enemy technology combined to cause one of the most destructive campaigns the Corps endured during the war.

An Interview with Alfie Price

BY ERIN LAUGHLIN Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong While at the grocery store, Alfie Price, a Tsimshian from Metlakatla, was greeted by a relative in Sm’algyax, the language of his people. He was embarrassed when he found unable to properly respond in kind. Price says the interaction was significant because the relative who greeted him was…

UAS College of Education on the Horizon

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong As of March 2017, The College of Education Implementation Plan Steering Committee has begun to hold meetings to decide how to best facilitate the transition from individual Schools of Education into the consolidated College of Education at UAS.