The Importance of Story in Video Games

For the UAS Whalesong

Video games have a lot of value in media. They are interactive and capture a wide audience. However, games without intense, immersive, and surrounding storylines really don’t have a lot of appeal to me. A storyline that doesn’t have a fully immersive plotline gives me no reason to care, personally. If a story does capture me though, boy, does it capture me. Continue reading “The Importance of Story in Video Games”

UAS Whalesong Receives Donation for Gold Medal Tournament Contribution

For the UAS Whalesong

On April 5, 2016, Juneau Lions Club President Ted Burke and 1st Vice President Edward Hotch presented Whalesong Editor Daniel Piscoya and Whalesong Advertising Manager Holly Fisher with Certificates of Appreciation for their help in producing the Official Program for the Seventieth Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament.  Continue reading “UAS Whalesong Receives Donation for Gold Medal Tournament Contribution”

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Our legislature will be allowing concealed guns on UA campuses soon.

Everything that can help Alaska’s students to get A’s in college needs to be done right now. In our down turned economy, jobs are going to get harder and harder to get. Students that get A’s will be able to get the last remaining jobs in our state.

A student that has a concealed gun is in a much better position to negotiate with the teacher to get the needed A in class than the student that does not have a concealed gun. The legislature understands that if that is what the student needs in order to get an A in class, then so be it.

Kudos to our legislature for supporting Alaska’s students in getting the A’s in college that they need in order to be able to get a job.

John Suter

Health Corner: Relationships

For the UAS Whalesong

Relationships are everywhere, and we know how important they are. Yet it seems we most often look outside for relationships, external to ourselves. At AWARE, we believe the most important relationship you have is with yourself. Your relationships with your family, your Higher Power, your partner, your friends, your teachers- all these are critically important. Yet we recognize how you relate to yourself as most important.  Continue reading “Health Corner: Relationships”

Registration and Classes and Advisors, Oh My!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you over there. Well since I have you here, I would like to talk to you a little bit about the importance of registering for classes as soon as possible. Now as a student myself of five years, I have dealt with registering for classes quite a few times (ten times give or take two or three summer semesters). A few of those semesters, I had slacked and waited until the last minute to register. Within those semesters, can you guess how many times I got the classes I wanted? Not many, hence the importance of registering as soon as open-registration starts. Important classes, like the General Education Requirement classes required for everyone to graduate, fill up the most quickly.  Continue reading “Registration and Classes and Advisors, Oh My!”

Student Government Elections: Stretched Thin, But Running

Student Government is currently running elections for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. The following are the current candidates for each position, and students may run as write-in candidates. Elections for the remaining open positions will be held at the beginning of the Fall semester.

President: David Russell-Jensen
Vice President: Austin Tagaban
Senator: Kristin Rees, Alicia Norton

Alzheimer’s: History and Current Research

For the UAS Whalesong

The human brain is a complex organ containing roughly 100 billion neurons. In humans, the brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

Yearly, more than 3 million cases of Alzheimer’s disease are reported. Within the next few decades that number is expected to rise to over 150 million, which means that this is a disease that many of us will either suffer from or have loved ones who do.  The odds of someone developing Alzheimer’s doubles every five years after that person reaches 65. It’s estimated that this form of dementia affects one in 14 people. So far majority of people who get Alzheimer’s are over 60 years old, but there have been cases reported in people as young as 19. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s: History and Current Research”

Climate Change: Effects and Awareness

For the UAS Whalesong

We live in a greenhouse. The life we see around us depends on the energy we receive from the sun. Only about half of the light from the sun that reaches the Earth passes through the atmosphere. Once it’s through it’s absorbed and radiated back up in the form of infrared heat. From there roughly 90% of the heat is absorbed by greenhouse gasses and is ultimately radiated back to the surface, which causes warming of the surface. The Earth is an average nice, life-supporting, 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading “Climate Change: Effects and Awareness”

Egan Library Kicks Off “Poetry Café”

For the UAS Whalesong

Poetry is a form of writing, a form that seems to be getting less and less attention as time goes by. However, it is poetry that the Egan Library has chosen to be celebrated on our campus. In concert with April as National Poetry Month, Beatrice Franklin, one of the Egan Library’s librarians, has organized what she calls Poetry Cafés. The first was on the April 7, but the next one will be on April 21. Continue reading “Egan Library Kicks Off “Poetry Café””