Funding student research

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URECA) is looking to fund UAS students for 2018 By KELLY JENSEN for the UAS Whalesong Do you have a research or creative project that you would like to undertake? The Research and Creative Activity Committee has funding of up to $2500 per student to help you design and complete your project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Since … Continue reading Funding student research

Knowing the signs

UAS provides At-Risk Kognito training for students and staff to help recognize signs of distress and know what to say By SHEVONDA BURKHART Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong The At-Risk Kognito is a free mental health and suicide prevention training provided online for UAS students, faculty, staff and administrators. The training is free and voluntary. The purpose for the training is to ensure that students can … Continue reading Knowing the signs

Helping Hurricane Maria victims from 5,000 miles away

Exchange students from Puerto Rico help provide aid to family affected by devastating hurricane at UAS By MARIA ROMFOE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong With Alaska located nearly 5,000 miles away from this catastrophic event, it has been difficult to avoid feeling dismay and destress for friends, family, and fellow Americans living in Puerto Rico. These feelings were especially strong for Puerto Rican students here at … Continue reading Helping Hurricane Maria victims from 5,000 miles away

Dancing to the rhythm of Alaska Native drumming

Wooch.een hosts the fifth annual Gathering of the Drums Friday, Oct. 13 with traditional Alaska Native dances and frybread tacos By IZZY CHRISTENSON for the UAS Whalesong A dozen people gather in the center of the Noyes Pavilion, late Friday, Oct. 13. Local Rep. Justin Parish helps gather firewood, more students trickle in, while Wooch.een members prepare Indian tacos. After the fire gets started, the … Continue reading Dancing to the rhythm of Alaska Native drumming

What Shall We Do With Our Heroes?

An essay excerpted from Professor Ernestine Hayes’ presentation Stories of Deer on Indigenous Peoples’ Day Oct. 9 By ERNESTINE HAYES for the UAS Whalesong What would we do if in the year 2020— only a couple years from now—this American culture was suddenly subdued by another culture that believed theirs was the superior way of living, their god was the one true god, their language … Continue reading What Shall We Do With Our Heroes?

Breathe in… Breathe out…

UAS student group teaches anxiety reducing skills By SHEVONDA BURKHART Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong A sense of impending doom. If you are one of the many students who experience this unwelcome feeling, UAS has a group that can help. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Group, which meets every Monday 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., is available for any students who feel that they may benefit from reducing … Continue reading Breathe in… Breathe out…

Consent is both: sexy and mandatory

Title IX Peer Prevention Advisor provides a refresher on the irrefutable characteristics of consent By HANNAH CASSELL For the UAS Whalesong With National Campus Safety Awareness Month coming to a close, and Domestic Violence Awareness month on the horizon, now is a great time to talk about consent. Consent is an important topic on college campuses, and for good reason. Did you know, that more … Continue reading Consent is both: sexy and mandatory

Meet your UAS Wellness Team

Take a look at the staff who are a well-th of knowledge when it comes to student health and happiness. BY JENNIFER MALECHA For the UAS Whalesong College life has its ups and downs. Juggling classes, homework, social obligations, work, and family can get tricky. Throw in a few added stressors like the flu, homesickness, an “F” on an exam, relationship difficulties, and lack of … Continue reading Meet your UAS Wellness Team

UAS Student Government Campaign Week: Meet the Candidates

Jesse Miller What position are you running for? Vice President How do you plan to enhance student life at UAS? I’ve been working on being a voice for students so when issues comes up, we can make a direct appeal and work on making changes happen. Why are you running for student government? I’ve seen things that I wanted to change. And if those things … Continue reading UAS Student Government Campaign Week: Meet the Candidates