Campus Inclusivity Alliance struts their stuff

UAS students walk the runway at the annual Wearable Arts show showcasing talent and hard work

Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong
While most students were hanging out or doing homework Isadore Christenson and Gabby Kirchner were strutting their stuff on the catwalk Feb. 17 and 18 evening. The pair were participating in the annual Wearable Arts show representing their club the Campus Inclusivity Alliance.
Whalesong caught up with Christenson after the show:
Whalesong: How long did it take Campus Inclusivity Alliance to make the final Wearable Arts pieces?
Isadore Christenson: If I recall correctly, we started working on the project in the first week or two of January. So, about a month and a half.
WS: What were the materials used in the pieces?
IC: The vest; we initially just covered it in fruit roll ups and then kept adding sequins and different fabrics after that was already done. [For Gabby] We originally had a different dress that just had a layer of fruit roll ups over it, but that one had problems. So, we ended up using a different dress and putting on the fruit roll ups in a different design. The back of the dress was just a stencil and glitter paint; though we had to coat it in hair spray to dodge Centennial Hall’s glitter fine.
WS: What a process! How many people did it take to make the final product?
IC: Rhiannon and I did most of the hands-on work with the fruit roll ups.
Although, four to five other people pitched in here and there.
WS: How did it feel to walk the runway?
IC: The first showtime was the most invigorating for me personally. There was maybe, like, one spot I could have worked on, but I still felt really confident in having memorized our routine. It was surprising to me how invested the crowd was the first night. People were cheering the whole way through.
WS: What did you want the audience to take away from your art?
IC: That LGBTQIA+ kids should absolutely feel comfortable with who they are. In terms of their personalities and who/what they love.
WS: What was your favorite part of the whole experience?
IC: Getting through the dress rehearsal and the first showtime, and all the love we got from our fellow CIA members for it. Gabby and I were always excited every time we walked on and off that runway.
WS: Last question! Anyone you want to give a shout out to or people you would like to thank?
IC: I want to thank Margeaux Ljungberg for giving us an opportunity for doing this project and helping us shape a routine, and for my fellow CIA members for staying persistent and putting work into the process.

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