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Results are in, meet the new student representatives


Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong 

Two University of Alaska Southeast students battled head to head for president in the elections for student government.  

After three days of elections, the results were tallied on April 18. The new student government president is Brandy Mulbury, the vice president is Celeste Harrell and senators are Christian English and Lillian Bannerman, who was elected with write-in votes. They take office fall semester.

Student government is an opportunity for students to get leadership experience and support activities and programs on campus. Students learn and practice an organizational government system while helping fellow students.

Four students ran for office this year.

Mulbury is a sophomore studying social science with a concentration in sociology. 

“Right now I am a senator and I really like being in student government, a part of a team and being a leader. I think I’d do a good job as student government president,” Mulbury said.

Mulbury was chair of the dining services and the sustainability committee this year. She was working with the new dining hall manager trying to get new menu items, healthier food and more sustainable materials. 

Sage Logan is a freshman at UAS studying accounting with an Alaska studies minor. He was a senator this year and also ran to be president next year. He said he signed up for student government at last fall’s campus kickoff because it was his first year here and he thought student government would connect him with the campus and Juneau community.

“Student government is important because it’s a way to serve your community and connect to your campus. Being able to volunteer and being seen as a student representative is a really awesome experience,” Logan said.

If he had been elected, he said a main priority would be to reach out to students, represent them equally and let them know who he is. 

“Even if you’re at the tech center, you should still be represented as a student. Or if you are only taking one class, you should still be represented as a student,” Logan said. 

Celeste Harrell ran for vice president. She is a sophomore studying health science and was a senator fall semester. She said she ran because she really liked the difference she could make as a senator and” the power I’ve been given in order to listen to the community and help UAS. I’m going to focus on sustainability, being financially responsible and leading with compassion,” Harrell said. 

A goal that Harrell has for UAS is to install an automatic door between Whitehead and Novatney for better wheelchair accessibility. She has been working with facilities to get three installed by the end of spring 2020.

Sophomore history major, Christian English, was in student government his freshman year and ran for senator.

“Public service is something that I’ve always been drawn to especially if it is politically oriented. I’m inclined to say my piece and help in any way that I can. I am looking forward to getting back in and being able to help and to benefit the campus in any way I can and I believe I can,” English said. 

English wants to refurbish the whale statue at upper housing to keep UAS looking nice and remind people that we are a thriving campus.

Some students run for student government because they believe it can help them in many aspects of their lives, whether managing day-to-day, building lifelong career skills, or benefitting from the personal growth that community service provides. 

Harrell said it helped her with public speaking, interpersonal skills, communication and compassion for a larger audience, all things she will use in the future. Logan mentioned budget experience, something he can put on his resume for internships at accounting firms. 

English hoped being in student government will help him get his dream job in the legislature. Mulbury described how it has helped her become less shy and said she has grown since being elected to office. 

To learn more about student government and how to get involved, visit the UAS student government web page. 

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