Explore Southeast


Photographer, UAS Whalesong

In early April, 25 students from across the country came to spend a weekend exploring  both UAS and Juneau. 

In its fourth year, Explore Southeast brings prospective students to see the UAS Juneau campus and Alaska’s capital city.  

This year’s group of students was made up of high schoolers looking to start their college career and college students ready to transfer. 

Their weekend started by talking with advisors at the UAS Recreation Center then going downtown to explore the Alaska State Museum and experience First Friday. 

Prospective students also toured various campus sites, including John Pugh Hall, main campus, upper housing and the Anderson building and fish weir. 

Following their tour of the Anderson building, they experienced a mock lecture hosted by professors Carolyn Bergstrom and Kevin Maier. 

One participant said it was a great way to introduce them to courses that were offered and experience a college-paced lecture. 

Another excursion included a hike to Nugget Falls at the Mendenhall Glacier. For some participants, it was their first time to ever see a glacier. For others, it was a great way to see the flora and fauna that is unique to Southeast Alaska. 

“Juneau is just so beautiful, there are so many trees! I’m going to be sad when I have to go back home,” said Ethan Ahvaluk. “I love it here.” Ahvaluk is a high school student in Nome, Alaska. 

 The weekend ended with a bonfire at Noyes Pavilion complete with s’mores, spooky stories and a JPH game night, where the prospective students could ask current UAS students questions about their college experience and campus life. 

Most participants were from Alaska, with some out of state students from all over the United States. 

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