Student Government Appointees

Briefs on new student senators

JORDAN LEWIS, Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Three new senators have been appointed to UAS student government. 

Eleanor Ruchti, Griffin Plush, and Celeste Josephine were appointed to USUAS-JC on Jan. 28 to fill three recent vacancies. Student government members can leave for a number of reasons ranging from personal issues to academics. When that happens, they are appointed instead of elected by the UAS student body, said USUAS-JC President Nick Bursell. The system was established as part of the USUAS-JC Constitution.

“It states that the time we are to hold elections are at the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester. Otherwise, any vacancies are to be filled by presidential appointment which are taken from any appointments submitted and submitted by the rules and finance committee,” Bursell said.

To be appointed to student government, students take the initiative to have fellow students, as well as a faculty or staff member, support them. 

“Fill out the petition with signatures and submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member,” Bursell said. 

Fifteen valid signatures from the student body are required. The letter of recommendation must come from an advisor or faculty member of an accredited University, College, High School or employer written within one year previous of the date the appointment would take effect.

Ruchti is a First Year Experience Student Assistant and sophomore in elementary education from Galena, Alaska. 

Griffin Plush, is a senior in social science with a focus on political science and psychology, from Seward, Alaska. 

Celeste Harrell is a sophomore in pre-nursing and health science from Talkeetna, Alaska.

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