New Year, New Books

Egan Library seeks recommendations

By Caitlin Purdome, Egan Library Assistant, Serials & Collections for the UAS Whalesong

Welcome back to a new semester!

As part of the Egan Library marketing team, I want to ask you to recommend books and movies you think we should have in the library.

A big part of my job at the library involves fixing up books that see a lot of wear and tear. As books fly off the shelves year after year, pages get torn, hinges come loose, and bindings begin to wear down. 

 As the collection ages, David, the Technical Services Librarian, selects new titles to add to our shelves. This is a big job: Egan Library adds hundreds of titles every single year. 

These titles are there to support you in research, learning, and teaching. This is your library, and we need your input on the material we have.

A display near the circulation desk at the entrance to the library features titles that we’ve bought recently based on community recommendations. These are great books. Personally, I can’t wait to check out We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Hippie Food by Jonathan Kauffman. Your recommendations are great and we want more!

I challenge everyone – students, professors, and staff members – to submit a recommendation. It’s easy:

  1. Think of a great book you’ve read (or movie you’ve watched!)
  2. Search Egan Library catalog for the book you’re thinking, or ask the Reference Desk librarian for help.
  3. Head to the display table to fill out a slip with the title and author information, and a reason why you love that book.

The box will be out for just a few more days, but you can always leave a purchase request by filling out the form on our website. (It’s the first link on our “Collections” page, If you can’t think of a title, browse the wish list on the table and leave feedback.

David will go through your suggestions and order new materials to add to the collection. Check back with us in March for a new display featuring the titles we purchased based on your recommendations.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

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