Letter to the Editor: Ballot Measure 1

UAS students, faculty, staff and families should vote NO on Ballot Measure 1, because an Alaska constitutional convention could endanger our university.

Article VII established UA, but a convention could erase that. Delegates could propose changing anything and everything in Alaska’s constitution.

What’s guaranteed now—such as a woman’s right to choose—might evaporate.

Multiple chambers of commerce oppose BM1 because a convention would harm businesses, making it harder to land a job after graduation.

If voters approve a convention, big money—a lot of it from Outside—will swoop in to elect delegates, including many current or past legislators. The convention would become a Game of Thrones melee of special interests who aren’t thinking about what’s best for Alaska’s students, businesses and families.

We can amend our constitution. We’ve done that 28 times. We don’t need a risky, expensive convention. Please Vote No on One Nov. 8.

Tom Atkinson
Former UA student and instructor

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