An Update on Student Government

University of Alaska Southeast Student Government is the voice of UAS students and advocates for students in matters that may affect them.

University of Alaska Southeast’s Student Government (SGUAS-JC) represents UAS students on and off campus. 

Student government works with the Coalition of Student Leaders, an assembly of student government officials within the University of Alaska system. The coalition advocates for all students, and fosters communication between the student leadership of different campuses. 

An example of student government’s advocacy is changing the name of “Thanksgiving Break” to “Fall Break” according to Calvin Zuelow, SGUAS-JC Vice President and Vice Chair for the Coalition of Student Leaders. This effort aims to promote decolonization and inclusivity. The project is currently just awaiting response from UA administration and the Board of Regents.

Student government also offers travel grants to students looking to study off campus through UAS study abroad programs, according to Zuelow. 

Student government elections were held in September. Zuelow was elected vice president, Almeria Alcantra and Samantha Zelley were elected senators, Elizah Dominy was elected treasurer, and Josephine Zuelow was elected public relations official. The treasurer and public relations positions are new for this year.  Newly elected members of SGUAS-JC wish to accurately represent the student body on campus and have goals as to what they want to accomplish. 

Zelley said that she wishes to tackle issues that students face daily that may go under the radar, and work to make campus a more environmentally friendly place.

“My goal as a newly elected senator is to work consistently and diligently toward a more environmentally conscious and sustainable campus, as well as address overlooked challenges that students face such as food insecurity,” she said. 

Zelley is on the sustainability committee, working on projects that surround recycling, waste, sustainable clothing cycles, and more. 

“I am excited to work both behind-the-scenes and upfront with the UAS student body to address these challenges and influence meaningful change on and off campus,” she said.

SGUAS-JC meets every Monday at 5 p.m. in Egan 212, the Glacier View Room. Members say they look forward to hearing student feedback and having conversations with students about things they want to see happen on campus. All students are welcome to attend the meetings.

by Lucas Stewart, Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

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