“Mountain Mohawks!” UAS Students Capture Sunday’s Aurora in Stunning Photos

The Aurora Borealis lit up the horizon across Auke Lake on Sunday night, prompting a flock of UAS students to gather and take photos on the dock. The show lasted about 2 hours, resulting in some spectacular low-exposure photos. Students got in front of the cameras to snap group photos and portraits with the aurora in the background.

Students Liz Fruechtnicht and Alyson Kenney brought their professional cameras and tripods capable of taking in light for upwards of 20 seconds, resulting in bright and brilliant images of the dancing sky. Jase Tucker, a UAS student who had only ever seen the aurora once before, likened the show to “mountain mohawks.” 

For many, this was the first light show they had ever seen. Gianna Angelletti, who comes to Juneau from Florida, had been hoping to see the aurora since moving to campus. 

“Being able to be at this school with all these amazing people that I’m with and to see them for the very first time has been the highlight of this whole process of moving here,” Angelletti said.

Liz Fruechtnict, a UAS student pursuing a career in photojournalism, jumped on the chance to capture the moment.

 “I sprinted down here to take photos, I’m out of breath” a winded Fruechtnicht said. “This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl.”

by AJ Schultz, Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

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  1. Wonderful display of Nature. Thanks for sharing. Probably will make a print of photo. 👏👌

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