Bigfoot and Beer

Review of the brews

By SIERRA LISSICK, Photographer, UAS Whalesong

Flight of beer at Forbidden Peak Brewery in Auke Bay.

What was once the home to the UAS bookstore, Human Resource and Administration departments, now houses a new local brewery. 

Forbidden Peak opened their doors in Auke Bay on Oct. 12. Owner Skye Stekoll chose this location because businesses in Auke Bay have been growing in recent years. 

Due to the nature of brewery laws in the State of Alaska, no one under the age of 21 can come onto the property unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Forbidden Peak provides a family friendly atmosphere that includes sasquatches adorning the walls, a flip sequin portion of the wall that children can play with and non-alcoholic beverage options.

“Sasquatches are part of our repertoire I guess, our whole theme is basically pushing reality towards legends. Forbidden Peak is the peak of Mt. McGinnis but it’s embellished and made into something more than it is,” Stekoll said. 

Over the next few weeks, Red Spruce — the street food eatery currently located on the brewery porch — will be moving inside the building into a larger kitchen. 

With more cooking space comes more food options. 

I’ve visited the brewery a few times already, and my personal favorite is the Low Altitude altbier. I have also had Red Spruce’s chicken tacos; I’d say these street tacos are pretty dang good.

They currently offer seven different draft beers that range from blonde ale to stout. For the indecisive individual, they offer a beer flight in which four different brews can be tasted. 

“We’ve talked a lot about price points and making sure it’s affordable for college kids as well as other folks” Stekoll staid. 

Red Spruce is in the works of figuring out a “pick-up” option for those who are under 21 but would still like to enjoy the food that they provide. 

As for the over 21 crowd and involvement with UAS, Forbidden Peak is open to hosting more events in the future to get more involved with the Auke Bay community.  

“We’ve done one event with the UAS Alumni Association and I think we’ll do more of that” said Stekoll.

“We’re always open to ideas, so if people have things they want to do or showcase we’re happy to be involved,” Stekoll said.

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