Goals for Growth

A look at the Strategic Enrollment Plan for UAS


Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

With fewer students choosing to come to UAS, the university’s Strategic Enrollment Task Force has created a plan designed to increase enrollment.  

“Student learning is the reason that UAS exists,” Chancellor Rick Caulfield stated in the plan, and serving a diverse student population “requires a sharp focus on marketing, recruitment, retention, and completion.” 

The Strategic Enrollment Plan focuses on six current enrollment priorities. 

UAS is looking to increase the number of degree-seeking first-time freshmen “who are admitted, retained, and complete an undergraduate degree or award,” according to the plan. Key strategies include maintaining positive working relationships with Southeast Alaska high schools, strengthening dual enrollment programs, participating in Alaska College Fairs, prioritizing recruitment of UA Scholars and Alaska Performance Scholars, and maintaining best practices with the Student Success Committee. 

Another goal is to make UAS the university choice for Alaska Native students, with strategies pointing to partnerships with such organizations as Sealaska Corporation and Sealaska Heritage Institute and Goldbelt, Inc., increasing the number of Alaska Native faculty, and recruiting more in rural Alaska. 

A “vibrant undergraduate on-campus experience” for students is an additional component of the SEP, but there is also a goal to increase undergraduate online program enrollment. 

Expanding the number of adults completing degrees who are 25 years or older includes the Finish College Alaska brand and pathway, the Alaska Postsecondary Access and Completion Network, and maintaining a focus on military and veteran students. 

The SEP also lists expanding graduate enrollment in Teacher Education and Public Administration as a goal to focus on each year.

The plan extends to 2025, with implementation and revisions from the Task Force to be completed as needed.

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