Attendance equals success

One of the biggest tips for success this semester is showing up to class and keep an eye on deadlines

Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong
With a new semester comes new students and new classes. Some students may find themselves feeling prepared for the challenges that come with the semester while for others , not so much.
UAS Associate Professor of History David Noon offered his own advice to students, “My main advice would be show up to class, pay attention to the syllabus, pay attention to due dates.”
“Organization is probably about as important as being bright and making an attempt to learn the material. Students who show up probably do better than those who don’t,” said Noon.
Attendance is key for many students when it comes to being successful in a course. Making sure your present for your courses and engaging in the material can make the experience of class far better for new and returning students.
Attending class can be a predictor for success according to an article in the The Chronicle of Higher Education, ““One of the greatest benefits students may receive when they come to class, he says, is that they can pick up on the subtle hints professors drop about what may be the most important material to know.”
Skipping class is also a big waste of money. At UAS a three credit class costs anywhere from $600 to $700, according to Cost of Attendance on the UAS website. If you break that cost down to how many in class meeting is can be $20 to $25 per class, depending how many times the class meets a week.
Another tool for academic success in college are getting to know your peers said Peer Advisor Felix Thillet. “I would encourage new students to meet other students, especially returning students. They’ve been in that situation before and it’s a little bit more casual than speaking to someone in a position that may seem intimidating for some reason,” said Thillet.
“A lot of campus jobs, like what we do here, is run by students so we can also offer advice and places like the resource center can guide you to where you need to go.”
Peer Advisors and the Student Resource Center can be a great resource if students have any questions whether it range from where a class is at, to how to study abroad, or how to get a job on campus.
Going to college can be intimidating, or terrifying, for those who feel they are unprepared.
UAA student Ryan Phipps, offered a tip for new students this semester as well as those returning, be for second semester or coming back to college. “Going into college, it was terrifying. But once it got going it was pretty fun. Don’t be scared and worried,” said Phipps.
Despite attending a different university, his advice shows that being scared about college is a normal feeling and shouldn’t dissuade anyone from attending.

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