15th Annual UAS Oratory: Finding Your Path in Life

For the UAS Whalesong

My name is Ana Christine Gabrielle Tafoya. I was born in Taos, New Mexico. I was previously attended the University of New Mexico and while I was on the National Student Exchange program attending UAS in 2015. I transferred last semester to UAS to pursue my degree in Marine Biology. I will finish bachelors in the Spring of 2019.

My ancestors come from Spain and France. When the Spaniards/French came to this country they intermingled with Native Americans. I m Spanish and I have 1/8 Indian Blood, from my dad, Phillip Tafoya’s grandfather, Juan Tafoya. When my great grandfather Miguel Tafoya lived in the flat lands in the parries in Chico, New Mexico, that is where my Grandfather John Tafoya was born. He married my dad’s mother, Escolastica Armijo. The name Armijo comes from Spain. They lived in Chico, New Mexico, a community near Raton, New Mexico. My Grandmother Escolastica and Grandfather John moved to Taos and had 12 children.

My mother’s name is Angela Garcia and my mom is the daughter of Jose Gustavo Garcia, born in Taos, New Mexico, and Christine Vallejos Garcia, born in Polvadera, New Mexico. My Grandfather’s father who would be my Great Grandfather, Feliberto Garcia and married my great grandmother Escolastica Vigil, My Grandmother Christine’s father, Andres Vallejos married my great grandmother Vivianita Peralta. They lived in Polvadera, New Mexico which means “dusty area”, near Socorro, New Mexico.

As years went by, on my fathers and mothers side of the family, the Spanish and French blood started thinning out because my grandparents married other Spanish descent .At one point in time the Spanish Native American Indian and French intermingled, whereby I have a little Indian and French blood from my father’s side of the family. But presently I am of Spanish descent.

While I use  American Sign Language I will be having my presentation playing with my voice in background. I worked closely with a locally who is an ASL instructor who helped polished my presentation. My presentation was inspired by my recently gained awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. What I learned about myself through my struggles was how to be more positive about life.

Finding your path in life

Think really hard about time in the past. You remember your life when you were struggling with a situation or problem and it was bringing you down.

Depending on that situation you probably had no idea where to start searching for help

Deep inside (heart) your instinct was telling you , there is an outlet (another way), but that outlet (path) was stuck

You knew there was a reason to continue but still lost with many things holding you back.

But as an individual, we think we are the only one struggling.

In truth, we have to remember we are struggling with our problems at different moments in time than someone else.

How should we remove the negativity and change for a positive outlook (future)?

We all need our own spiritual nourishment (work) to get through our day. (nourishment/work: praying exercise, food)

Our own reassurance (satisfaction) is like a hidden treasure waiting to be secured by a hidden key we call our hearts.

Everyone is different in their own way. Everyone thinks differently and sees the world differently.

We go in many directions in life.

We come across many obstacles that make us weak but can build us back up to be stronger.

We have a purpose to find our path that is best for us.

Our strengths and weaknesses help us understand to know our capabilities (skills).

We can’t worry about the past or the future but come in unity as one.

We need to build (encourage) each other up not down.

Yes, it’s hard to remember not to judge someone for their strengths and to learn to live in your trueself.

We have to remember to not to judge others.

It can be hard to be the bigger (generous self) person.

But as a result we become stronger in strength and in unity.

Thank you for hearing my words: I want to send you all  words of encouragement. This is for my classmates who feel the same way and who may have similar struggles. You’re not alone, we learn from our struggles and to be patient with yourselves. It comes with experience over time.

Delivered in a presentation as part of the 15th annual UAS Oratory.

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