A Liquid Experiment – Juicing!

adelle-labrecqueBY ADELLE LaBRECQUE
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Aloha, Readers!

Perhaps it’s from the upcoming Hawaii trip I’m taking, or maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me to stop eating my weight in pasta, but for whatever reason, I keep feeling as if I can’t escape thoughts of “Healthier Nutrition” these days.

If you are someone who actively keeps up-to-date with diet fads, you’re already well aware of how often “healthy standards” are in-flux. Phrases like: “going paleo,” “eating clean,” and “gluten-free” are old news to you.

For some of us, upsetting feelings about food are directly related to a lack of discipline with unhealthy foods, making us feel insecure that we’re not in control of our diet. For others, it may be related to health problems that force us into strict, limited diets that in turn, make us feel even more anxious about foods and eating. And for others, it may be directly related to weight gain. If you constantly think to yourself, “I can’t have that because it will make me gain weight,” you are definitely not alone.

Eventually, after my own “trial-and-error” experiments with nutrition, it was clearly revealed to me that I felt and functioned the absolute best when I chose to eat and whole-food, plant-based diet.

As some of you already know, I have been 99% vegan for almost four years now. What do I mean by 99% vegan? Well—though my body disagrees with consuming any animal foods at this point, I have felt from the very beginning of this lifestyle change, that I must follow one particular rule: If someone offers me a gift, without the knowledge that I am vegan, I will always take their gift in appreciation.

If you, like many people suffer from mild to severe discomfort due to food sensitivities and allergies, problems with digestion, heartburn, headaches, bloating, etc. I highly recommend that you speak with a nutritionist, and discuss eating a whole-food plant-based diet for at least 60 days.

So, as a personal challenge, I have decided try juicing for a short period. “Juicing” is, in short, eating 100% fruits and vegetables in juiced-form—and that’s it. Just fruits. Just vegetables. If you are interested in “keeping tabs” on this project and monitoring my personal progress, I will be recording my notes in a food journal, and am happy to share them in a future Whalesong article.

For this juicing period, I have decided on the following personal rules:

1. My personal goal is juicing 85-90% of my meals. I’d like to “ween into” this at first, as I mentioned earlier, I have always had a sensitive digestive system, and I don’t want to “shock” my body, so-to-speak.

2. Gradually “ween off” my so-loved morning, noon, and night beverage, A.K.A. coffee. My reasoning for this is that I want to know exactly how I’m feeling without the effects of caffeine in my body. I want to report this “cleanse” in its truest accuracy.

3. Do it strictly for the health and well-being benefits it offers, not to “lose weight.” Taking care of our bodies is crucial. Well-being has direct relationships with nutrition and if we can use these relationships to benefit our lives, why wouldn’t we?

So, hold me accountable! When you see me out-and-about, ask me how the juicing is going and what I’ve eaten today. If you feel like doing a bit of juicing as well (through if looking to do an intense juice, certainly speak with a nutritionist beforehand to get the best information on how you can be successful!), these are the materials you will need:

1. Juicer
2. Blender (optional, but works great for making healthy vegan desserts)
3. Two Decent Water Bottles
4. Fruits
5. Vegetables
6. P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude)

Good luck!

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