Tips on how to Survive Valentine’s Day

adelle-labrecqueBY ADELLE LaBRECQUE
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Happy February, Readers!

As usual, I hope you’re doing fabulous this month! Hopefully, those school and work deadlines aren’t becoming too overwhelming!

What’s new since we spoke last? Anything new taking place in your lives? Any specific events or milestones you’ve completed, or are looking forward to? …Valentine’s Day, perhaps? 😉

As you’ve surely already noticed, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—yaaayyyy!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked forward to this holiday (single or not!) because of its affectionate, loving, and just plain “feel-good” nature.

I suppose, energetically, Valentine’s Day just speaks to me. Everything from the vibrant pinks and reds lining the supermarket isles, to the abundance of heart-shaped chocolates at our fingertips, to taking the time to handwrite loving words to share our loved ones. Truly, it’s a calendar day dedicated to reminding ourselves and each other, how much love we really have inside to put out into the world! What a beautiful sentiment!

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? How do you feel about it the holiday in general? Are you a fan, or do you just completely dread it? Do you absolutely loathe seeing those decorations in the supermarkets? Do you feel like—for one reason or another, unknown to yourself—you are “always single” on Valentine’s Day? Do you just cringe at being wished a “Happy Valentine’s Day?” And don’t even get you started on having to read those annoying lovey-dovey Facebook posts overflowing your News Feed!

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, then perhaps a new approach to this upcoming holiday could help you to actually enjoy it this year. I mean why not? Surely it’s worth feeling less miserable all day long!

First, perhaps a good place to start might asking yourself the following questions: What is my true reason for hating Valentine’s Day so much? What is the underlying reason I can’t stand this holiday? Think about it for a minute. Really stew on it, if you must. Have you been disappointed in the past on Valentine’s Day? If so, are those past negative experiences still hanging over your expectations of the holiday, preventing you from enjoying them now?

For whatever reasons you have, the good news is this: you are not alone in your Valentine’s Day loathing! There are plenty of people who literally can’t stand the holiday for numerous reasons based on their own experience, just like you.

However, past experiences and disappointments surrounding this holiday should never hold us back from enjoying it forever. If you are one of the many souls who dreads the approaching of February 14 every year, take a minute to check out these fun, uplifting ways to help you hate Valentine’s Day far less—maybe even enjoy it!

What a relief it would be to enjoy the holiday from now on, rather than wasting any energy feeling negative towards it! Really give these things a try—you might surprise yourself! Thus, I bring you the following list of ideas.

How to Approach Valentine’s Day for Recovering Valentine’s Day Haters

1. Be Proactive instead of Reactive

Remember back when we were in grade school and every year, we got to spend the week preparing our adorable handwritten Valentines cards for our fellow classmates? Remember how good it felt to just create Valentines for others? The anticipation of finally opening each handwritten note—and of course, eating all of that heart-shaped candy!

Back then, our tiny little selves weren’t concerned at all with being in a romantic relationship! We were simply children with lots of love to share with those around us, and enjoyed the positive, uplifting energy of the classroom party, of giving to others, and receiving their positive handwritten words. If being single is an aspect of V-Day you find yourself usually getting upset about, perhaps this year, view the situation from a new angle: In this very moment, we already have plenty of loved ones surrounding us. Our family members, our friends, our coworkers—even strangers on the bus! Why would these faces we see on a daily basis not deserve a handwritten Valentine? Perhaps they are feeling the same way you’ve felt about the holiday (in the past!) and could certainly use an uplift! What a wonderful gift you would bring to their day! Personally, I have already begun the process of creating silly, handwritten Valentines for my fellow restaurant workers, who I know will appreciate them. This year, break out those crayons, gel pens, glitter pens, whatever!—and create some masterpieces of your own! Put some fun, upbeat music on in the background, and watch your own energy rise! Gift giving is such a great way to boost not only another person’s mood, but also you own! The energy of gifting is uplifting, positive, and brimming with appreciation. This year, take some time to spread that appreciation to those loved ones—platonic or not!

2. The Dreaded Facebook Posts

Instead of just scrolling through those annoying “happy couple posts” on Facebook this year, decide to embrace them for the sake of those writing them. If your friend felt it was important enough to share with the world on Facebook, it is obviously of great significance to them. Rather than just thinking, “Oh my God, enough with the cliché posts already!” perhaps take a gentler approach and congratulate them in their happy moments. This positive communication can help to change your own feelings of annoyance, into ones of actual positivity and excitement for them. Your loved ones will feel gratitude for your loving words, and the conversation can grow from there…gratitude really does attract more gratitude!

3. Dress Festive:

Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to dress festively with a fun V-Day themed outfit! Like I’ve mentioned in a past article, when you feel you’re looking good, it directly affects the way you carry yourself, approach others, go about your day, etc. If you are feeling strong and positive, you will attract more positive throughout your day. Don’t have anything to wear? No worries! Salvation Army, thrift shops, or borrowing clothing from friends are ways to get yourself a fun outfit for very cheap—or nothing at all! Similar to an Ugly Christmas Sweater, you could even get silly with your Valentine’s Day outfit! Invite some friends over for a gathering and decorate some tee shirts! This is another super cheap, easy, and fun way to get into positive spirits about The Lover’s Holiday!

4. Make a Valentine’s Day Playlist:

Remember when we were young and put tons of time and effort into creating the perfect mixtape? We listened attentively to the DJ as they played the hits of the time, and when the perfect song came on, we were ready to add it to our chosen mixtape theme! Take yourself back in time and take a few minutes to put together an awesome playlist again. Recall that same creative, positive energy of your childhood mixtape experience, and blend it into creating your new favorite Valentine’s Day playlist! This can be a playlist you can share with others on social media, or in person at your tee-shirt decorating party! Perhaps it doesn’t even have to follow a “lovers” theme, but rather a loving friendship theme. The positive, creative, loving energy you put into making it, can truly support you in a proactive, positive day. It will lift you up energetically by the acts of creating, giving, receiving kind feedback from others, and of course, enjoying your favorite songs at any time you’d like!

5. Anonymous Good Deeds:

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Has someone ever anonymously paid your road toll and sped off before you had the chance to thank them? Or bought you a coffee without you knowing who it was? If so, how did these kind acts make you feel? Surely, happy, grateful, and appreciative. If you haven’t experienced this before, why not set the ball in motion for others? This year, challenge yourself to do a few random acts of kindness for others! Send an anonymous letter of appreciation, or pick up some community plants for the office that everyone can enjoy. Buy your coworker that coffee or snack they are craving so much, or get everyone some pizza “just because.” Spend a few minutes creating a funny short poem to copy and share with your friends—all of these are perfect examples for your random act of kindness. Have fun with it and be creative! The positivity that spreads as a result is absolutely worth it!

Well Readers, I hope these ideas will help to positively transform your Valentine’s Day this year—and in those to come! Remember: be creative, enjoy the process, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, hold you head high, and affirm positivity throughout your day.

As always, I send you warm thoughts, peace, and love!


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