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For the UAS Whalesong

We hope everyone is settling into the school year and getting control of your classes. Now that you’re all pros at school, some of you may be looking into employment opportunities.
Having a student job on campus is a great way to make some money and not travel far from home.

All of the current UAS IT Help Desk employees were student employees in the recent past. Each of us were taught the technical skills necessary for the job, and while pursuing our degree programs. Student employees are given flexible hours to work around class and exams; often during midterms and finals, students employees reduce their hours at work to focus on schoolwork. Working in the professional environment gives you a unique look at the behind the scenes that goes on at the campus to make technology go over as smoothly as possible. If you love the job, we always welcome students back as many semesters as they wish, this is Melissa and Emily’s (our current student assistants) 5th and 3rd semesters here with IT. Feel free to check out our offices and speak to our employees to give yourself a good idea of the job, in Lower Hendrickson.

Here at the IT department, we are always looking for student employees. Work schedules are created around your classes and we are very flexible in hours. You don’t need any strictly technical skills to apply, however, we do look for students with experience in:

• Customer Service

• Multi-tasking

• Good oral and written communication skills

• Paying attention to detail

• Reliability

We have four departments that are looking to hire students: Helpdesk, Classroom Support, Media Services, and Network and Desktop Support. Don’t worry if you are unsure of your best fit, we will work with you and place you in an appropriate department. Here is a small description of each department:


The Helpdesk is a regional support center that provides technical support and training for students, faculty, and staff through our call center or via email. Students will learn to provide…

• User support documentation

• Coursework resource support

• Phone support  through our call center

• Tech support

• Remote computer support

Classroom Support

Classroom Support provides general information and  technical support for UAS classroom technology.  We offer support over the phone and provide walk-up assistance at the Classroom Support desk, which is located in the entrance of the Egan Library.  Our primary purpose is to collaborate with Staff and Faculty to create an exceptional learning environment for students. Students will learn to…

• Troubleshoot tech issues

• Deliver/retrieve classroom laptops

• Assist with TVs and projectors in classrooms

• Maintain inventory and Lending Library

• Tutor users on proper equipment use

• Communicate status and changes to UAS systems

Media Services

Media Services assist the UAS campus community with their audio and video needs. Services include: sound reinforcement, live multi-camera video productions, media transfers, distance education, and instructional technology support. Students will learn to…

• Set up and operate: video cameras, audio equipment, and the TriCaster video switcher

• Troubleshoot technical issues and resolve them

• Create streaming videos for the web

• Explore video and audio editing

Network and Desktop Support

Network and Desktop Support is an IT Services unit tasked with supporting campus phones, data connections, and desktop environments. Students working in NDS help resolve work orders generated by the Helpdesk. Students will learn to…

• Diagnose and resolve desktop operating system, phone, and data connection issues

• Document work-order activities

• Install software and computer peripherals

• Backup and reinstall customized OS builds

• Communicate with users regarding work orders

How to Apply

Applying online is easy! Before you begin, please have a digital copy of your cover letter, resume, and references ready. Remember, employment is available for ALL levels of experience!

1. Go to

2. Press ‘Login’ (top right corner) to create an account and log in

3. Once logged in, please go to ‘Update Resume’ and upload your resume.

4. Apply for a job! This is where you virtually submit all of the information you uploaded.

5. IT Services will email you an addendum to your resume. Before your application can be proceed, you must complete and return the addendum to IT Services.

6. Good Luck! If you have any questions please contact Kayti, the IT Services Administrative Assistant at 907-796-6452 or by email at

We are excited to welcome you into the family that is IT Services!

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