Student Government Member Biographies (pt. 1)

President Callie Conerton
Callie Conerton was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska – “the Gem of Alaska”. She has been on the United Students of the University of Alaska Southeast- Juneau Campus (USUAS-JC) Student Senate for four years, having served previously as President, Vice President and Senator. She currently is in hot pursuit of her B.A. in Elementary Education and is also spending her summers in Spokane, training to become a Montessori Teacher. To say she enjoys ice hockey is an understatement. She is elated with mixing it up in the kitchen, spending time in the great outdoors and has a deep relationship with her Netflix and Hulu accounts. Please feel free to reach out to Callie as she is also not only President of the USUAS-JC but also the Vice Chair of the Coalition of Student Leaders.
Senator Hannah Wolfe-MacPike
Hannah Wolfe-MacPike is a Student Senator for the University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau campus.  She was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska and as such is a graduate of Sitka High School. She is a life time member of Girl Scouts of the United States and was a scout for thirteen years; she was also a member of the Girls Membership Connections Committee, a girls advisory board for Girl Scouts of Alaska. Hannah is currently studying for her Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Human Geography. After school she wishes to pursue a career in politics and diplomacy. She is excited to be representing the USUAS-JC student body for the 2015-16 school year!
Senator David Russell-Jensen
Student Senator David Russell-Jensen was born in Sitka, Alaska, but grew up and attended school in Juneau. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis in Alaska Native Language & Studies, as well as a minor in Anthropology. David is Tsimshian and Inupiaq, from the Tsimshian Gisbudwada clan (Killer Whale) of the House of Nisluut in the Ginadoiks territory on the Skeena River in British Columbia, as well as from New Metlakatla, Alaska. In addition to serving as a Student Senator for the United Students of the University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau Campus (USUAS-JC), David serves as Co-Chair of Wooch.Een, an inclusive student leadership club promoting Alaska Native culture and language at UAS. David is learning Lingít yoo x’atángi, Tlingit language, at UAS, through X’unei Lance Twitchell, and Sm’algyax, Tsimshian language, on his own, as no Sm’algyax classes are offered at UAS, despite Sm’algyax being one of the three indigenous languages of Southeast, and despite it being critically endangered with less than 40 speakers worldwide, and less than 10 speakers in Alaska, many of whom are over the age of 80. David is an active proponent of Alaska Native language and cultural courses being offered at UAS and of increasing diversity on campus through faculty hiring and increased Alaska Native student enrollment. David encourages all students, staff, and faculty regardless of background, to take Alaska Native language and cultural courses, so we can all begin in the process of healing our campus, and our community.
Áak’w Kwáan Aaní káx’ yéi haa yatee. We live on Áak’w Kwáan land.
Yáax’, Lingít yoo x’atángi kugaagastee. Let Tlingit language exist here.
Aaa, yéi haa tuwáa kgwatee. Yes, we will all feel that way.
Yéi kgwatee. It will be like that.
Senator Karey Allen
Ever since Karey was one year old, she knew the exact career she wanted. To be a Marine Biologist/conservationist of killer whales was her ultimate goal when she saw the connection between man and whale at SeaWorld San Antonio. Many people around her at the show, “Believe,” thought that she would give up this dream of wanting to become a Marine Biologist. They thought it would sink and never surface ever again. They were right about one thing, the dream did sink. It sunk so deep into her heart that she never let it go. Becoming a Marine Biologist/ Conservationist was the ultimate goal. Many people in Texas (where she is from) thought the idea to come to Alaska for school  was ludicrous, but Karey’s passion for her major drove her to this kaleidoscopic area of marine life. Here she feels that it’s a home away from home, as it should be. The most beautiful place she could imagine to study Marine Biology is here in Alaska and now she gets to do that. The next four years, she plans to obtain her bachelors degree and then pursue a masters degree here at UAS. While in the process of her masters degree, she will become a part of a conservation and ultimately try to start her own for Killer whales. Once her masters degree is in her grasp, Karey will then pursue a Doctorates degree in Marine Biology with a specialization in killer whale conservation/ behavior.
Student Government is located downstairs in the Mourant Building across the hall from SAB. Phone: 796-6517. Email:

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