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For the UAS Whalesong
This December, world leaders will be meeting in Paris for what may be humanity’s last chance to prevent catastrophic climate change!
It sounds like the plot of a cheesy action/adventure film but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Come explore the issue in the lead-up to Paris with three great films: “This Changes Everything,” “The Yes Men Are Revolting,” and “Merchants of Doubt.”
We’ll be hosting a FREE screening of “Merchants of Doubt” on Sunday, November 29th, just as the conference kicks off and as people around the world gather for the second People’s Climate March!
Then join us for a potluck on December 12th for “the People’s Last Word.” We’ll discuss the outcome of the conference and the road through Paris, focusing on solutions that we want to help create.
Who is “we?” The Alaska Climate Action Network – a Juneau-based citizens’ group. We’re just a bunch of residents who came together to look for ways we could address the root causes of climate change, on par with the science for a just transition. Sound like a big task? It is! But the more we started looking into it, the more we realized that ordinary people have a crucial role to play in creating the space for real solutions. Want to learn more? Look us up online at or find us on Facebook!
Want to know more about the films?
“This Changes Everything,” based on Naomi Klein’s book of the same name, is “a documentary for people who hate climate change documentaries.” Not only does it go around the world putting a human face on the issue, it zeroes in on the economic system that gave rise to such unbridled impacts and poses the question: what if climate change is not just a threat but an opportunity to make a healthier, more just world?
Monday 11/2 7:00 PM
Saturday 11/7 4:30 PM
“The Yes Men Are Revolting” is the hilarious story of Andy and Mike, two very unorthodox activists as they pass through middle age and wonder: are their pranks really making a difference? Never has the search for meaning been so funny in the face of such serious issues.
Monday 11/16 7:00 PM
Saturday 11/21 4:30 PM
“Merchants of Doubt” looks at the source of climate change “skepticism” – pundits-for-hire who are small in number but big in influence. How did the same people who worked for the tobacco lobby succeed in casting doubt on the scientific consensus behind climate change?
Sunday 11/29 4:30 PM (FREE showing in honor of the second People’s Climate March!)
Monday 11/30 7:00 PM
Tickets are $10 (except for Nov 29th) and can be bought at the door or in advance at

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