Listening to Shiver Twins


Southeast Alaska never ceases to amaze me in how it continuously proves how small of a world we actually live in. It’s fun in a sense though, because you can always be certain that you don’t know everything and there are always new surprises around the bend waiting for you. It’s crazy to me that I can live in Juneau for two years, come through this town my whole life, and still there is always some super cool band, restaurant, event, class, etc. that I don’t know about until I find them in the most unlikely places. Like the band, Shiver Twins! I didn’t even know about them really until this last month. But on the flip side, I know people who are good friends with all of the band members—people who dated them and people who are birthday buddies with them. The Shiver Twins are originally from Juneau and just moved down to Seattle, Washington in October 2014. Punk/garage rock is the general genre of their music. Their sound is pretty upbeat and the lyrics speak clearly, allowing you as the listener to accurately paint a picture as to what the band is conveying through their music. The band has a pretty rough grit to it and keys into the garage rock aspect of music with an iron fist. Don’t let this cause you to shy away from checking them out though! I wasn’t super sure about it when I was listening to my first song by them, but then after another time or two, I was hooked! Their music still varies a bit from song to song, and it will be interesting to hear what new stuff the band is coming out with. I feel like Shiver Twins grew on me as I listened to their music and learned more about the band, like how they came up with their name! JR (ST’s drummer) and Eric (ST’s guitarist/vocalist) were out at Squire’s drinking and decided to take a smoke break. While they were out on this smoke break, they decided they needed to go on a bathroom break too. As they were both using the potty, a cold wind came through the bathroom and JR told Eric, “Oh, I just shivered.” Eric replied, “Yeah, me too. Hey, we are shiver twins!” To which JR said, “Hey, that could be a good name for a band someday.” Thus Shiver Twins was born in the summer of 2013! These guys are all great friends. They have good chemistry, communication, and big hopes for their future in the music industry. Knowing this stuff opens up a connection to the band in a way through more than just music. So where should you go to check these guys out? Well, they have a new EP album being released on Mar. 3 titled “19, Again.” Keep your eye out for it! You can follow them on Facebook (, SoundCloud (, Twitter (, and YouTube (! Check them out, listen to their music, and support this local Juneau-grown band. It will definitely be worth your time. I am excited to watch the Shiver Twins grow and progress in their musical pursuits. They are hoping to tour the west coast starting this summer, but before they can do that they need to get grounded and earn some money. Until then, they will continue catering to their audience in the Seattle area! The guys say that everything is worth it though, whether they are playing for a room of 100+ or just for the bartender. They are just happy sharing their music with people and enjoying life as they know it.

Check out Shiver Twin‘s latest music video for their song “Favorite Child” below!

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