Do your part and compost

Compost options in Juneau expand and improve Juneau By MARIA ROMFOE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Vast quantities of fresh produce are left in the field to rot, fed to livestock, and dumped in a landfill unless they are perfectly shaped and blemish-free. High-value nutritious food is being sacrificed to the retailers’ unattainable demand for perfection because customers have an odd obsession with purchasing picturesque produce. … Continue reading Do your part and compost

The new kids on the block

New Conservative Club at UAS looks to have free exchange of ideas, and encourages diversity By BROOKE KELLER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong University of Alaska Conservative Club (UACC) is a new student organization at UAS. The club intends to initiate political discourse at UAS campus, encourage political diversity, and challenge certain stigmas Conservatives generally believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional … Continue reading The new kids on the block

The curious case of the campus haikus

Students, faculty, and staff no longer have to wonder who has been behind the chalk haikus on campus By Jordan Lewis Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong While walking around campus last week, students may have noticed some chalk poems scattered about. While some probably didn’t give the poems much thought, for many the chalked words were a delightful mystery. Even with the recent snowfall, some of … Continue reading The curious case of the campus haikus

Combatting seasonal depression

As the dark days of winter encroach upon UAS make sure to be aware of S.A.D. signs and symptoms By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Today the sun came up at 7:31 a.m. and will go down at 3:50 p.m. Tomorrow the day will be shorter by four minutes and will continue until the winter solstice, on Dec. 21. As the days start getting … Continue reading Combatting seasonal depression

The “all Alaskan diet”

A sustainable diet in Alaska requires gathering, hunting, and fishing By MARIA ROMFOE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Subsistence hunting and fishing play a vital role in Alaskan culture and may be the key to eating sustainably in the last frontier. Eating in Alaska poses some important questions about what foods are most sustainable to consume. Animal agriculture holds strong links to copious environmental issues including … Continue reading The “all Alaskan diet”

Discussing gun violence and Humans vs. Zombies

Concern that the popular game Humans vs. Zombies normalizes gun violence is addressed by faculty and staff By Brooke Keller Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Humans vs. Zombies is a widely played game at UAS. Students run around campus and shoot each other with nerf guns. Although, the game is a lot of fun there is concern that it may be further normalizing gun violence. In … Continue reading Discussing gun violence and Humans vs. Zombies

Funding student research

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URECA) is looking to fund UAS students for 2018 By KELLY JENSEN for the UAS Whalesong Do you have a research or creative project that you would like to undertake? The Research and Creative Activity Committee has funding of up to $2500 per student to help you design and complete your project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Since … Continue reading Funding student research

Knowing the signs

UAS provides At-Risk Kognito training for students and staff to help recognize signs of distress and know what to say By SHEVONDA BURKHART Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong The At-Risk Kognito is a free mental health and suicide prevention training provided online for UAS students, faculty, staff and administrators. The training is free and voluntary. The purpose for the training is to ensure that students can … Continue reading Knowing the signs

Helping Hurricane Maria victims from 5,000 miles away

Exchange students from Puerto Rico help provide aid to family affected by devastating hurricane at UAS By MARIA ROMFOE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong With Alaska located nearly 5,000 miles away from this catastrophic event, it has been difficult to avoid feeling dismay and destress for friends, family, and fellow Americans living in Puerto Rico. These feelings were especially strong for Puerto Rican students here at … Continue reading Helping Hurricane Maria victims from 5,000 miles away

Appropriate or appropriation?

Make sure your Halloween costume is not culturally appropriating By BROOKE KELLER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Halloween allows people to be whoever or whatever they want to be whether it be a princess, turtle, or block of cheese. However, there is a line when a costume can become cultural appropriation. James O. Young author of the article Profound Offense and Cultural Appropriation published in the … Continue reading Appropriate or appropriation?