Whalesong Podcast Announcement

New things are coming for Whalesong. The UAS campus newspaper is moving in a new direction. 

Beginning fall semester, Whalesong will have digital-only releases, with weekly stories online at our website, uaswhalesong.com. The main publication will be a news podcast, released weekly on the website and on platforms such as Spotify and Google Podcasts. Listen to weekly campus updates, interviews, and learn about noteworthy events. 

Whalesong reporters are committed to delivering well-researched journalism to campus and the broader Juneau community. Expect weekly news episodes as well as in-depth conversations with students, faculty, and staff about the things they may be passionate about. Each release will include the Weekly Spike, local and regional Southeast news, and an interview.

With the shift in format comes a shift in leadership, as editor-in-chief Mike Flunker graduates from UAS after three years of incredible work for the Whalesong. Flunker has been instrumental in the continued existence of the publication despite COVID-19 and a shrinking staff. After graduation, he will pursue a new job with the U.S Forest Service. 

Whalesong would also like to recognize the work of this year’s outgoing staff reporters.  throughout their time with the Whalesong, Teigan Akagi and Lucas Stewart contributed topical, insightful and impactful stories from reproductive rights to loan forgiveness and typhoons.

Rosemarie Alexander-Isett will remain faculty advisor, and SE&L Manager Mallory Nash will continue managing Whalesong’s financial operations. SE&L Marketing Coordinator Elizabeth Fruchtnicht will also remain Whalesong’s social media and marketing coordinator for the upcoming year. 

Whalesong readers can look forward to a brand new platform to help them stay informed and share their passions with their communities.

Are you interested in reporting for the Whalesong? Do you want to interview professors, politicians, or fellow students for a juicy scoop? Want to gain professional experience in journalism and audio editing? Whalesong is hiring two reporters for fall 2023. 

By Mike Flunker, Editor-in-Chief, and AJ Schultz, Managing Editor

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