Tidal Echoes: UAS’s own art and literary journal

by Lucas Stewart, Staff Writer

Tidal Echoes, a Southeast Alaska literary and art journal that showcases various forms of prose, poetry,
and artwork, closes the door on submissions on Dec. 1.

Every spring, literary works and art created by Southeast Alaskans are published in the UAS journal. They range from photos of art like sculptures and paintings, to poetry and short stories. Anybody in the state of Alaska can submit. Tidal Echoes is edited and produced by UAS undergraduate students working with Professor of English Emily Wall.

“As a literary journal, Tidal Echoes aims to bring together all the voices and visions of Southeast Alaskan artists and writers,” reads the Tidal Echoes website.

Tidal Echoes was created in 2004 and has been going strong since. According to a blog post by Tidal Echoes Fall Editor and Junior Editor Shaelene Moler, the journal has seen a huge growth since its start. Moler is the first Indigenous woman to hold that role.

“Over the last 17 years, Tidal Echoes has grown exponentially, receiving 300+ submissions annually,” Moler said in a blog post.

The annual journal features an artist and a writer. The 2022 Tidal Echoes edition will feature poet Kersten Christianson, who has been published in prior editions. Kaasteen Jill Meserve, a Tlingit beader whose work appears in the Hulu show “Reservation Dogs,” will also have artwork in the journal, Moler said.

The Tidal Echoes team includes three student interns that serve different roles in the production and editing process. Emily Bowman will serve as the senior editor on the team for the 2022 edition. Moler is the junior editor.

“The senior editor serves as leader in the production process, overseeing the junior editor; the fall editor is primarily responsible for gathering submissions and conducting the featured interviews,” Moler said.

The deadline for submitting work to the journal is Dec. 1. Tidal Echoes is set to be released April 1, 2022.

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