Back to school in style

It is that time of the year again, the leaves are falling, and it is time to start layering up after a hot summer.
Like every year there are new trends that you may or may not have in your closet, and this year you might have to steal from your mom.
Mom jeans. High waisted, with wide knee space and slim ankles. They are the latest “what’s old is new again” trend, and I am here for it.
Mom jeans are awesome they hit you at the skinniest part of your body, which helps create an attractive hourglass figure, not matter your size.
Comfort is super important to me when I dress since it allows relaxation, so I can put all focus into whatever I am doing, and mom jeans allow that.
They are also are super affordable since they can be found at resale shops like Alaskan Dames.
Finally, mom jeans can go with anything from free flowing tops to warm sweaters.
Another piece you want to make sure you have in your closet for fall is a go-to sweater.
When it comes to sweaters do not be afraid of bright colors you can wear them year round! The knit material makes it okay for fall and winter wear, while the bright color makes it appropriate for spring and summer. The exception to that would be if we have another summer like this past year.
Finally, shoes and accessories.
I always tend to steer towards a classic shoe like Adidas or Doc Martens, since they anchor an outfit and need to be comfortable for going to class.
In jewelry don’t be afraid of showing some personality or whimsy.
Check out Alaskan Dames for more!Screen shot 2018-09-21 at 12.22.57 PM.png

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