New Financial Aid Director At UAS

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
For the UAS Whalesong

On October 2, 2016, Janelle Cook will be taking over the position of Financial Aid Director. She moved to Juneau to take an Advising position in the Financial Aid Office at UAS in 2010. Over the last six years, Janelle has learned nearly every aspect of the job working for three different Financial Aid Directors. As with any job, there will be challenges. In this case, Janelle is already a high performing professional staff member who understands not only the technical aspects of her job, but gets the human element of providing quality financial aid service to students and their families. For most of our students, affordability is a top priority. That said, according to Janelle, only a small portion of students take the time to  apply for scholarships. In talking to her about the job, I know that she is excited to take on this new role because she can see areas for improvement and she genuinely believes in student success.

Janelle is Yup’ik from Dillingham, Alaska. With the help of the University of Alaska Scholars Program, Janelle graduated debt-free from UAF with a Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development. Janelle has held leadership positions within the statewide and regional Financial Aid Administrator organizations. I hope you will help me welcome Janelle to her new job and thank our outgoing Financial Aid Director, Eric Ramaekers for his service.

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