Can Susan B. Anthony Save our School?


Over winter break, I traveled for many long hours with my family across the continent and through 3 different airports in order to visit relatives in Harrisonburg, Virginia. There, I noticed a surprising amount of criticism and dissent regarding James Madison University – the college that takes up half of Harrisonburg. The college kids were “rabble-rousers”. My uncle was angry that the school had bought and remodeled part of the hospital he’d gotten his life saved at, and as my aunt drove my mother and I around to look at real estate, she remarked on what a shame it was that some of the older houses owned by the college were getting “wrecked” by the parties being held in them. Even I found myself criticizing JMU, if only because when we went to the local equivalent of Fred Meyer, there was a separate credit card machine that JMU students could use to get a student discount on their groceries.

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