Tips on how to Survive Valentine’s Day

adelle-labrecqueBY ADELLE LaBRECQUE
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Happy February, Readers!

As usual, I hope you’re doing fabulous this month! Hopefully, those school and work deadlines aren’t becoming too overwhelming!

What’s new since we spoke last? Anything new taking place in your lives? Any specific events or milestones you’ve completed, or are looking forward to? …Valentine’s Day, perhaps? 😉

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They’re Holding Hands (I Want Them Dead)

For the UAS Whalesong

It continues to baffle me that there are people in this world who genuinely hate Valentine’s Day. I would understand if something really bad had happened to those people, but at least in the case of the ones I’ve encountered, they only hate it because it reminds them that they are single. “Singles’ Awareness Day,” my old suitemate used to call it, and she would go into a black mood and sulk for the entirety of the 14th. Other people murmur mutinously about St. Valentine and his beheading. Some refuse to acknowledge the holiday at all. I just enjoy the silly cards and the candy, but apparently I am one member of a very small part of the population. I haven’t got as much life experience as most people, but I’ve found that in general, if people aren’t out with their S.O. on Valentine’s Day, they’re at home sulking. Or, if they’re out and about, they’re quoting President Snow from the Hunger Games trilogy (specifically, the title of this article).

As someone who enjoys all holidays, I decided to compile a list of things that you can do on Valentine’s Day to entertain yourself and keep your mind off the people wandering the streets and holding hands. And while you read it, just remember that at least you don’t live in Paris. Imagine what *that’s* like on Valentine’s Day! Continue reading “They’re Holding Hands (I Want Them Dead)”

The Man who was Valentine


There is a strange notion out there. It haunts cinema and frequents literature. It is the notion that sometimes a man is not just a man. If a man makes himself more than just a man—if he devotes himself to an ideal—then he becomes something else entirely: a legend. One such legend survives today in the form of an opportunity to give and receive copious amounts of chocolate. We are familiar with St. Valentine’s Day as a day for couples to show gratuitous signs of affection for each other; perhaps we are familiar with it as a day for single people to drown their sorrows in chocolate ice cream. We may even be familiar with the day as a day of meticulous planning that goes just right (I may even envy you). Whatever the day is, however, it’s a pretty far cry from the man whom it was named after.

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