Language Matters

For the UAS Whalesong
It’s no surprise to anyone on our UAS campus that our community is making efforts to preserve and showcase the living language of native peoples, not just in Juneau, but in all of the world. Language Matters and that is the name of the first in a film series currently running over the next week, and it helps show both the downfall of some languages and the resurgences of others.
In light of the recent Board of Regents meetings, where students voiced their concerns for Alaskan Native culture/ language and how to keep it alive, this film shows that it is completely possible to save these languages and rejuvenate the culture. In part of that, there are new steps, that I saw in the first film, which could be used to help Alaskan Natives. Continue reading “Language Matters”

Taking the Plunge for the Glory Hole!


The Polar Plunge is probably one of the most well-known events that happens worldwide annually. Most of the time it is associated with beginning a new year or jumping for a charity fund-raising event. This event has been a tradition at UAS specifically since 1998. For this year’s Polar Plunge, the campus was raising funds and awareness for The Glory Hole. The Glory Hole is a homeless shelter and soup kitchen located here in downtown Juneau. Unfortunately, they just went through a detrimental event; about two months ago a broken pipe ended up flooding the facility. They were just able to reopen on Feb. 5. What’s really awesome though, is what came about after this terrible event.

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