Devil’s Club Research Provides Valuable Undergraduate Opportunity

AJ Schultz, Editor A UAS team is researching the medicinal properties of Devil’s Club, and its possible role in treating various types of cancers. Brian Barth, UAS Professor of Genetics, is leading the research, working closely with undergraduate research assistants Grace Igel and Ashley Murphy. “You know, indigenous peoples have been using Devil’s club for centuries upon centuries to treat a variety of ailments,” Barth … Continue reading Devil’s Club Research Provides Valuable Undergraduate Opportunity

Building Safe Spaces

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month By Kenedy Williams, Staff Writer During the month of April, the University of Alaska Southeast participated in Sexual Assault Awareness Month, with the theme of “Building Safe Online Spaces Together.” Several events were hosted on campus that brought a focus to Sexual Assault Awareness.  Title IX  Title IX is a federal law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in educational institutions receiving … Continue reading Building Safe Spaces

Study Away: Monterey Bay, California

Alexandria Waldschimidt explores California’s coast during National Student Exchange. BY ALEXANDRIA WALDSCHMIDT for the UAS Whalesong During last spring semester I was able to travel around California, be a part of a larger student body, and all while, worked on my UAS degree. I did that by participating in one of UAS’s academic exchange programs – the National Student Exchange (NSE) and spent the semester … Continue reading Study Away: Monterey Bay, California

Meet your UAS Wellness Team

Take a look at the staff who are a well-th of knowledge when it comes to student health and happiness. BY JENNIFER MALECHA For the UAS Whalesong College life has its ups and downs. Juggling classes, homework, social obligations, work, and family can get tricky. Throw in a few added stressors like the flu, homesickness, an “F” on an exam, relationship difficulties, and lack of … Continue reading Meet your UAS Wellness Team