Students: Get Some Skin in the Game

daniel-piscoya-1BY DANIEL PISCOYA
Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

Being the Editor of our university’s student newspaper is a position which has offered me deep involvement in campus life, university politics, and the greater Juneau community.

Looking back, though, I’ve been the Editor of the Whalesong for two years – that’s half my college career and two-thirds the amount of time I’ve been involved with the Whalesong in the first place. I was offered this position only a year after I started work as a Staff Writer.

I am a man of no exceptional talent and no previous journalism experience – I just said I was interested.

After that statement has sunken in, students at this university ought to realize that there may be opportunities for deep involvement with university organizations, student clubs, and community programs that outstrip not only the other UA campuses, but most other universities in the nation. Continue reading “Students: Get Some Skin in the Game”

Apply for a Student Job At the IT Helpdesk

For the UAS Whalesong

We hope everyone is settling into the school year and getting control of your classes. Now that you’re all pros at school, some of you may be looking into employment opportunities.
Having a student job on campus is a great way to make some money and not travel far from home. Continue reading “Apply for a Student Job At the IT Helpdesk”