Not-Quite-Spring Cleaning

BY ALEXA CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong The end of every semester is brutal, and I would argue that the end of fall semester is more so than the end of the spring one. At least at the end of the spring semester, you’re just getting ready to launch yourself into summer, a fairly laid-back…


BY ALEXA CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong If you have spent over an hour in my immediate presence, you’ve probably heard me voice something regarding my distaste for nature. That being said, it then becomes understandable that several people have approached me regarding my participation in the recent camping trip up to Windfall Lake Cabin…

(Fake) Cash Money Dolla Bills

Every Casino Night has a theme – post-apocalypse, the James Bond movie Skyfall, etc. I used to think that it was technically at least a semi-formal occasion; a chance for students to dress up and show off the finer aspects of their closets. And I suppose that still holds true, depending on the theme. But this year, things were slightly different. Students were still supposed to dress up – but instead of dressing like they were going to a black tie dinner, they dressed like they were attending San Diego Comic Con.

Code 2319: Housing Health Inspections

For residents of the John R. Pugh Hall, inspections will occur on October 8 and November 12. For residents of the Main Housing Complex, inspections will occur November 2 to November 6. Now that you know when to expect it, here’s an excerpt from the information sheet on how to prepare.
• Clean your floors
• Take out your trash and recyclables
• Put in work orders with the Lodge or Front Desk for maintenance needs
• Ensure there are no fire hazards or contraband items in your unit