Devil’s Club Research Provides Valuable Undergraduate Opportunity

AJ Schultz, Editor A UAS team is researching the medicinal properties of Devil’s Club, and its possible role in treating various types of cancers. Brian Barth, UAS Professor of Genetics, is leading the research, working closely with undergraduate research assistants Grace Igel and Ashley Murphy. “You know, indigenous peoples have been using Devil’s club for centuries upon centuries to treat a variety of ailments,” Barth … Continue reading Devil’s Club Research Provides Valuable Undergraduate Opportunity

Alzheimer’s: History and Current Research

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The human brain is a complex organ containing roughly 100 billion neurons. In humans, the brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

Yearly, more than 3 million cases of Alzheimer’s disease are reported. Within the next few decades that number is expected to rise to over 150 million, which means that this is a disease that many of us will either suffer from or have loved ones who do.  The odds of someone developing Alzheimer’s doubles every five years after that person reaches 65. It’s estimated that this form of dementia affects one in 14 people. So far majority of people who get Alzheimer’s are over 60 years old, but there have been cases reported in people as young as 19. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s: History and Current Research”

Funding Available: URECA

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If you have a research or creative project that you would like to undertake, the Research and Creative Activity Committee (a Faculty Senate subcommittee) has funding of up to $2500 per student to help you design and complete your project with the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Since 2011, URECA has funded 47 student projects that have made positive changes on our campus and in our communities. Did you know that the vegetable oil kiln used to fire  ceramic projects was created by a URECA grantee? Student Boni Parker with guidance from Jeremy Kane brought that project to fruition, and she has since gone on to graduate work, pursuing her passion. Other creative projects have included play performances, large-scale photography exhibits, and literary collaborations between UAS and the Lemon Creek Correctional Facility. Continue reading “Funding Available: URECA”