Pack it Up

For the UAS Whalesong
Every year around this time, I like to write an article that is somehow related to traveling home for the holidays. Some people go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; due to the close proximity of the holidays, I imagine most people only choose to spend the money for a plane ticket on the latter. Regardless, it’s never too early (in my opinion) to start talking about preparing and packing for the trip home.
If you are someone who is very organized and good at traveling, this article is not for you. This article is for people who, like me, experience the struggle of packing on an unnecessarily personal and intense level every time it comes around. After plenty of trips to and from home and college, I have the theory of packing down pretty well, but when it comes time to put it into practice I tend to break down and have a small internal fit of hysterics before just sort of screaming, throwing far too much stuff in a suitcase, and suffering the judgment of my parents when I show up for a 5-day Thanksgiving break with packed-full luggage. A large part of my personal mission as a reporter for the Whalesong is to give my fellow students advice and guidance regarding various aspects of young adult life, and I think that learning and knowing how to pack is definitely an important thing to cover. Continue reading “Pack it Up”