Promoting Food Security in Southeast Alaska

erin-laughlinBY ERIN LAUGHLIN
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Walking through a grocery store’s produce section and finding it empty because the barge is late is a social norm those in the lower 48 do not experience, and a glaring depiction of the last frontier’s food insecurity.

The UAS Masters of Public Administration Program (MPA) and Sustainability Club will be hosting “Future Juneau,” a two-night event discussing food security and sustainable urban development Apr. 26 and 27. Continue reading “Promoting Food Security in Southeast Alaska”

Community Leaders Discuss Civility

erin-laughlinBY ERIN LAUGHLIN
For the UAS Whalesong

Public Administration, journalism, and education professionals came together Feb. 23 at “Political Leadership and Civility” to discuss civility in the Last Frontier and their personal experiences in leadership.

UAS School of Management hosted the “Political Leadership and Civility” lecture at 360North as a part of their UAS MPA Lecture series. Those in attendance viewed and participated in the discussion in-person and over live webcasting. Continue reading “Community Leaders Discuss Civility”