Tidal Echoes: Remember, Remember the First of December

BY KAYLYN HASLUND Fall Intern, Tidal Echoes For the UAS Whalesong Are you an artist, photographer, or writer that lives in Southeast Alaska or currently a student enrolled at the University of Southeast Alaska? Well, you should consider submitting your creative work to Tidal Echoes. This is the regional literary and arts journal, published through…

Othello: The Experience

It seems to me like there are two kinds of plays – ones where the characters move around and do stuff in different settings, like Pirates of Penzance, and then there are ones where the characters mostly just stand around talking to each other and to the audience. Othello ominously promised to be one of the latter.

Literary Traditions: Children’s Literature

Now, the first question to ask about any kind of literature is what makes it different from any other kind of literature. Children’s literature is often thought of as very different. For most, children’s literature is made up of fairy stories and other ‘childish things.’ For Tolkien, however, fairy stories were never necessarily connected with children.

Poetry is the Art of Literature

How is it a small poem can carry so much more weight than any other form of literature? Why is it that you can write a book about a poem, you can write an essay about a line in the poem, and you can sing a poem – but you cannot sing a book?