On Cultural Appropriation

BY KAYLYN HASLUND For the UAS Whalesong With Thanksgiving a week past, it might be good to have a little bit of reality check, though it may be unwelcome, in terms of cultural appropriation during the holidays. It’s a tough truth to face, but it’s important to understand what exactly that all means. It’s especially…

“Never Alone:” Cultural Importance

BY KAYLYN HASLUND For the UAS Whalesong Continued from Alexa Cherry’s article. As Lexi has pointed out in her part of this article, the video game, Never Alone: Kisima Ingitchuna, has brought attention to the Iñupiaq community. The game, made by Upper One Games and published by E-Line Media, was made in conjunction with the…

Film Series: Hope for Language Revitalization

Ultimately, this film series was a great eye opener and constitutes a promise for what is to come in language revitalization. It isn’t happening in just these places, it’s happening all over the world, and slowly we may begin to really see these languages and cultures in full reality.

Language Matters

The first film, Language Matters, was presented by Bob Holman, who was also the narrator of the film. The film presented language as precisely what it is, a living breathing part of culture and community, and that without language, culture fades. It was very moving and showed more sides to how language and its life matter in terms of culture and community.

Poetry is the Art of Literature

How is it a small poem can carry so much more weight than any other form of literature? Why is it that you can write a book about a poem, you can write an essay about a line in the poem, and you can sing a poem – but you cannot sing a book?