Code 2319: Housing Health Inspections

For residents of the John R. Pugh Hall, inspections will occur on October 8 and November 12. For residents of the Main Housing Complex, inspections will occur November 2 to November 6. Now that you know when to expect it, here’s an excerpt from the information sheet on how to prepare.
• Clean your floors
• Take out your trash and recyclables
• Put in work orders with the Lodge or Front Desk for maintenance needs
• Ensure there are no fire hazards or contraband items in your unit

Naming the Freshman Residence Hall

Making my way up several flights of stairs, I reached the 3rd floor common room and promptly commenced high-level internal screaming. While I had come prepared to take notes and pay attention, I had not gotten any kind of memo about the dress code. “It’s business casual, I think,” the registrar told me as she passed by where I stood rooted to the floor in slowly abating horror. Formal suits and moderately fancy dresses met my eye as far as it could see, leaving me to feel increasingly inadequate in my green corduroys and phases-of-the-moon sweatshirt. Still, things could have been worse. At least I hadn’t worn my Grumpy Cat “I hate Mondays” T-shirt. Trying to exude “business casual,” I edged further into the common room, keeping a sharp lookout for further upper-class social event hazards I might have to navigate.

Attack on Thumbtacks

Having made it clear that a not-insignificant portion of the student housing population is upset about this new rule, I understand that it is assumed students will turn to other methods of hanging up their wall decorations apart from the usage of tacks. Alternatives do exist: Scotch and painter’s tape, 3M adhesive strips, poster putty, and command hooks have all been suggested. That being said, when I first moved into housing, I thought that tacks were not allowed to begin with, and tried most of these alternatives my freshman year. I can therefore issue the following arguments against their respective effectiveness.