Apply for a Student Job At the IT Helpdesk

For the UAS Whalesong

We hope everyone is settling into the school year and getting control of your classes. Now that you’re all pros at school, some of you may be looking into employment opportunities.
Having a student job on campus is a great way to make some money and not travel far from home. Continue reading “Apply for a Student Job At the IT Helpdesk”

Accessing E-mail: Google Apps

For the UAS Whalesong

Welcome new students! You may have noticed that all students, staff, and faculty have a Google Apps account. You can access your university assigned email by selecting the email/calendar link at the top of any UAS page. Please set your email forwarding by logging into ELMO ( and updating your email destination. University assigned emails are

Those of you returning to UAS may have noticed a change from the legacy email server to Google Apps for email. The University of Alaska is working towards universalizing the UA campuses. In the past UAS emails were set up through Outlook Exchange. To streamline communications and calendaring, all UA campuses are now using Google Apps! Continue reading “Accessing E-mail: Google Apps”