“Logan:” The “Last Stand” We Needed

dylyn-petersonBY DYLYN PETERSON
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Probably the hottest burning question about “Logan” was whether or not it benefited from its R rating. The answer is yes. Wolverine finally got to go claws out, lopping off limbs like an eight-year-old playing Fruit Ninja. But perhaps the most impressive part of the action sequences in “Logan” is how unimpressive they are. Logan, deprived of his healing factor and being slowly poisoned by his adamantium-plated bones, is well-described by IGN as “no longer a claws-baring superhero but an aging shadow of his former self.” Every fight scene featuring him is a stressful, painful affair. It seems that, at any time, he might finally be beaten, crumpling to the ground and ending the movie immediately, even outside of battle. This adds investment and stakes to Logan that are, in this cinematic moment, almost foreign to the superhero genre. Continue reading ““Logan:” The “Last Stand” We Needed”