A Time to Remember: The Centennial Memorials of WWI

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong As the Centennial Years of World War I near their end, people all over the world continue to grieve the events that etched themselves into global memory. Participating nations are putting their best foot forward throughout the 2014-2018 centenary. All involved are participating in a worldwide collection of…

A Time to Remember: Bloody April

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff  Writer, UAS Whalesong The British Royal Flying Corps (RFC) experienced a clash of old ideals against new realities in the catastrophic fourth month of 1917. Known as “Bloody April”, poor orders and superior enemy technology combined to cause one of the most destructive campaigns the Corps endured during the war.

UAS College of Education on the Horizon

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong As of March 2017, The College of Education Implementation Plan Steering Committee has begun to hold meetings to decide how to best facilitate the transition from individual Schools of Education into the consolidated College of Education at UAS.

A Time to Remember: Animal Soldiers

BY HOLLY FISHER Staff  Writer, UAS Whalesong Throughout history, animals have played key roles in many human narratives. While the work of horses in World War I is well remembered, they were only one of numerous animals to fill out the ranks. Dogs, pigeons, goats, and others served as messengers, mascots, gas-detectors, and more. Herein…