Code 2319: Housing Health Inspections

For the UAS Whalesong
Before you ask, my title is in reference to the film Monsters Inc., specifically, from a scene where a monster returns from the humans’ world but has been “contaminated” by a sock, so he’s promptly tackled by monsters in biohazard suits shouting about a “Code 2319.” I thought that the title and scene were at least remotely applicable when discussing the topic at hand, which is the new Health and Safety Inspections that are soon to be enacted by Residence Life.
I’ve heard friends and classmates express alarm and confusion over these inspections, so I thought I would write an informative article clarifying what they are and how they will affect students living on campus housing. You probably got a brightly colored sheet of paper telling you what a Health and Safety Inspection is and why it’s happening – but in case you lost it, or didn’t read it, I am here to remind you. Continue reading “Code 2319: Housing Health Inspections”