Study Away: A Semester in Honolulu, Hawaii

For the UAS Whalesong

My exchange opportunity took me from wintery Juneau to the sunny shores of Honolulu and qualified as the ‘through the looking glass’ experience of my college career.

From the classroom studies of tropical fish anatomy to the gaping awe at the same brilliant species through my snorkel goggles, my exchange experience was all smiles.

The faculty at my host campus, University of Hawaii at Manoa, brought my program of study into the international arena of awareness. Continue reading “Study Away: A Semester in Honolulu, Hawaii”

Study Abroad: Hawaii

BY MADISON BOVAIS For the UAS Whalesong Sunshine, surf time, and island exploration is why I chose Hawaii but what I returned home with was so much more. And actually my decision to study away in Hawaii was because I wanted to experience a bigger school in a different climate. With my geography and environmental studies major, I knew that Hawaii would offer classes in … Continue reading Study Abroad: Hawaii